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RHS Dance Policies

2023-24 RHS Dance Policies   DANCE ATTENDANCE & GUESTS – Students bringing guests to any Redlands High School dance must complete the Guest Pass form, which includes providing a photo ID of the guest. The administration reserves the right to refuse permission for a guest to attend any extra-curricular event based upon that individual’s previous behavior. Students who have been expelled and have not met the requirements for readmission to RUSD will not be approved as guests to attend RHS dances. All adult guests must be under the age of 21. All student guests must be currently enrolled in the 9th-12th grades. It is the responsibility of the RHS student to obtain an approved guest pass in advance of the dance. No exceptions. Please refer to DANCE ATTENDANCE in this planner for more information.  

DANCE POLICIES - To enter a RHS dance, each person MUST present an ID along with their dance ticket, which indicates his or her name. All RHS students must present his/her RHS ID card along with the numbered dance ticket. If the guest is not an RHS student, he/she must present a Guest Pass plus Photo ID. RHS students and their guests must enter the dance at the same time. Once students/guests leave the dance, re-entry to the dance is not permitted. Students may not enter the dance after 10:00 p.m. Dance tickets are nontransferable and nonrefundable. This means the person buying the ticket is the person who attends the dance and brings photo ID. No refunds will be given if a student is directed to leave before the end of the dance. School District and Insurance Policy mandates that students arriving at school functions, such as the dance, under the influence of a controlled substance may not be admitted. Such students will be isolated immediately until custody can be arranged with the individual’s parents or local authorities. A 5-day suspension will result from students violating this policy. No smoking at the dance or on the premises where the dance is held. Inappropriate dress for an RHS activity (as determined by RHS administration) may result in non-admittance to the dance. Extremely brief garments are not appropriate. No dress, skirt, pant or shirt should be so short (hem must reach the tip of the middle finger when the arms are relaxed at the sides) as to show undergarments while seated or standing by exposing bare skin. Inappropriate items include, but are not limited to the following: bare midriff tops, see-through garments, low cut garments showing cleavage or lower back, any clothing that reveals undergarments.

The RHS Administration reserves the right to search students and their possessions prior to entering the venue. Searches may be carried out by use of pat downs, metal detector wands, and/or canines. Items that do not violate RHS policies will be returned at the end of the dance. Dancing must be respectful at all times. Dancing in a suggestive or explicit manner will not be tolerated. Dancing styles that involve intimate touching of your dance partner or that resemble sexual activity are NOT allowed. When dancing back to front, all dancers must remain upright--no squatting or bending is allowed. Students dancing inappropriately (see above) will be directed to leave the dance floor immediately. If inappropriate dancing (as determined by RHS administration) continues, students may be asked to leave the dance and their parent or guardian will be notified. Information regarding mandatory dance contracts and dance dress code will be published on the RHS website as it becomes available.  

DANCE COURT ELIGIBILITY - Students who are candidates for any court associated with any activity, such as dances, should be good students and exhibit good citizenship. Candidates shall have a grade point average of 2.0 for the prior grading period. Both the student and a parent/guardian must sign a Court Contract, which implies compliance with the Redlands High School and District Dress Code and Code of Conduct guidelines. A student who sets an example of poor citizenship prior to or during the candidacy shall be ineligible to run. Poor citizenship shall be defined as a violation of Redlands District policy, Redlands High School policy, or the California Education Code that resulted in a suspension during the semester of or the semester prior to the event. A candidate will be disqualified if there has been a violation during the previous semester or during the semester of the activity, even if the violation occurs the day of the activity.
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