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Daisy Chain/Jr Ushers/Grad Honors

Redlands High School Senior Honors Criteria

Daisy Chain & Junior Usher:

Students with the top 60 GPAs of the junior class are selected to help with graduation.
The honor is entered on their transcript indicating their selection. The student selection is
based upon the following:

  • Student must have attended a RUSD comprehensive high school for a minimum of three (3) semesters. One of the three semesters must be the first semester of their junior year.
  • GPA is based upon UC/CSU approved a-g courses that are completed in grades 9 through the first semester of the 11th grade, including summer school.
  • Student must have completed at least 18 UC/CSU approved classes.
  • GPA is based upon a 4.0 weighted GPA.

High Honors:

Every senior who, after the first seven semesters of high school, has maintained a 4.0 or higher will receive a gold tassel at our annual Awards Night to wear with distinction at graduation. The GPA used to determine the distinction is the weighted 9-12 academic GPA listed for each student on their Aeries transcript.

Top Seniors:

At the graduation ceremony, the principal will acknowledge at a minimum the top two students of the graduating class during the principal’s address/charge to the graduating class. To ensure that the top students are introduced, the 8th and last semester grades will be researched prior to graduation. The top GPAs are based upon the 9-12 weighted GPA listed for each student on their Aeries transcript.