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The counselors at Redlands High School support students with college/career planning, academics, and social-emotional concerns.  We work closely with the Student Center, ROP, teachers, and administrators to assist students with decisions about high school programs of study, specific courses, and further education after high school. An important part of a student’s experience at RHS involves relations with other people—friends, teachers, administrators, and parents. Counselors help students work with these people on a daily basis and handle issues that arise naturally in human relations.

RUSD School Counselors aim to identify missed opportunities and close achievement gaps by utilizing a multi-tier multi-domain system of support to meet the needs of ALL students and empower them through social-emotional learning, academic development, and career exploration.

RHS Counselors endeavor to implement effective school counseling practices as outlined in: 

RHS Counselor Center Contact Info

How to contact your RHS Counselor: 

  • Students are welcome to see their counselor during open office hours: before school (7:45-8:30am), during student lunch, or after school (3:30-3:45pm) or may email their counselor. Complex conversations are best handled in person.

  • Parents/Guardians are welcome to email or call their student’s counselor directly. Please allow counselors adequate time to reply as they are often in classrooms and/or meeting with students. For general inquiries, parents/guardians may contact the RHS Counseling Center by phone via the following direct line: (909) 307-5509.

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Contact Details

Mr. Luis Chanure, Counselor 

909-307-5500 ext. 30148

Mrs. Shontay Dawson, Counselor
909-307-5500 ext. 30142

Mrs. Dennise Kennedy, Counselor 
909-307-5500 ext. 30145

Dr. Vaughan Kusko, Counselor - Department Chair
909-307-5500 ext. 30146

Mrs. Robin Gonzales
909-307-5500 ext. 30144

Mrs. Maria Magaña-Saenz, Counselor
909-307-5500 ext. 30149

Mrs. Joanna Nahon, Counselor
909-307-5500 ext. 3014

Mrs. Gayle Dockham, Assistant Principal

Ms. Larisa McClellan , Counseling Clerk

Ms. Rebekah Parenteau, Counseling Clerk

Some counselor contact tips:

  • Introduce yourself or sign off by using your FIRST and LAST Name
  • Be very specific about what you want in your message.  The more specific and detailed you are, the more likely we'll be able to help you quickly and with less emails back and forth.  Do not start a new email string regarding the same topic. This saves everyone time!
  • Provide a phone number and a time of day that is best to call you.  Some questions are easier to answer over the phone rather than through multiple emails.


Confidentiality Statement

Your confidentiality and privacy as a student is important to us. What you tell us will never be repeated to others unless you reveal information on harming yourself, harming others, situations of being physically, emotionally, or sexually abused, or we are required by the court or legal proceedings to do so. If there is ever a need to reveal information, we will ensure that you are aware of this and we will work with you to handle the situation in a way that respects you, your feelings, and your needs.