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2013-14 Dress Code

The Board of Education has determined that a student may not remain at school dressed in a manner which (1) creates a safety hazard for said student or for other students at school, and/or (2) when the dress constitutes a serious and unnecessary distraction to the learning process or tends to disrupt campus order.
When the site administrator/designee determines that a student’s attire is in violation of this policy, the student will be required to modify his/her clothing and/or apparel in such a manner that it no longer violates this policy. If necessary, the student may be taken or sent home with parental permission to modify unacceptable dress and return to school. Refusal to take steps as described in this policy shall be cause for disciplinary action (defiance) against the student.
Student dress guidelines
  1. Shoes must be worn at all times. A substantial sole is required and enclosed toes and heel footwear is highly encouraged. No slippers or house shoes are allowed
  2. Clothing will completely cover all undergarments, bust, back, and abdominal area at all times. Sleeveless tops must be of sufficient width to completely cover undergarments. Extremely brief garments that are distracting to the educational environment are not appropriate. Inappropriate items include but are not limited to the following:
    • Tube tops, Halter tops and Muscle shirts  
    • Bare midriff tops
    • Backless, strapless or open back tops
    • See through garments
    • Low cut garments showing cleavage
    • Off the shoulder apparel
    • Any clothing that reveals undergarments (example: sagging or low-rise pants)
    • Any tank tops considered to be gang or gang-like attire (example: white ribbed undershirts)
    • Caps; Do- rags, beanies or head coverings; no headwear may be covered by a hood.
    • Pajamas and/or slippers
    • **No shorts, skirt, pant or shirt should be so short (hem must reach the tip of the middle finger when the arms are relaxed at the sides) as to show undergarments while seated or standing by exposing bare skin is distracting to the classroom/learning environment**
  3. Clothing or accessories shall be free of writing, pictures or any other insignia or logo which are crude, violent, obscene or sexually suggestive or which advocate racial, ethnic or religious prejudice or slogans or pictures depicting or promoting drugs, alcohol, tobacco or controlled substances are not appropriate. Specifically, no clothing that might incite hatred or unrest between students is allowed.
  4. Earrings, jewelry, or accessories, which present a safety hazard to the wearer or others, are not suitable for school wear. Spiked/sharp accessories of any kind will not be allowed.
  5. Only prescription sunglasses (medical documentation required) may be worn in class. Other types of sunglasses may be worn on campus outside of class.
  6. Identified gang attire such as bandannas, hairnets, or hair rollers or any gang paraphernalia is prohibited. For the safety of all RHS students and staff, the administration has the right to bar any clothing style that indicates gang affiliation.
  7. Caps may not be worn on campus without the express permission of the principal/designee. Students are allowed to wear sun protective clothing including hats, while outdoors during the school day. Thehat must be white, tan or khaki, foldable, have a full circumference brim that measures 2” to 5” in width. The brim may not be folded or molded in any way. No manufacturer or team logos. Hats shall be unadorned with no markings, pins or other attachments. The hat must be inscribed with the student’s name for identification purposes.
A. Only authorized headwear will be allowed to be worn on any secondary school campus. School caps/hats or head wear that is part of a uniform worn for athletic events may be worn on the field or area of play but may NOT be worn on campus when the event is not in progress. Headwear guidelines shall apply equally to male and female students.

The intent of this policy is clearly to prevent the display of unauthorized caps/hats on campus; thus, “worn” is interpreted in the broadest sense. Any student who displays an unauthorized cap/hat either by wearing it on the head or carrying it is in violation of this policy.
B. Metal reinforced footwear such as Doc Martin boots, chains of any form such as wallet safeguards, or chokers, safety pins worn on the outside of clothing and excessively long belts (sized belts must be worn on the belt loops) violate the intent of the gang attire policy and/or safety provisions and are subject to dress code violation penalties.
NOTE: The following steps are taken to uniformly interpret and enforce the provisions of the dress code among RUSD secondary schools.
Referral steps/consequences following student/parent contact by phone or in person:

1st Offense: Counselor/Designee
  1. Verbal warning.
  2. Correct situation (change into an RHS dress code t-shirt, or send home if necessary)
  3. Counsel regarding consequences of future violations
Repeated Offense (Defiance): Assistant Principal/Designee
2nd Offense: Correct situation (change into an RHS dress code t-shirt, or call parent to bring appropriate garment or send home if necessary); assign lunch detention.
3rd Offense: Correct situation (change into an RHS dress code t-shirt, or call parent to bring appropriate garment or send home if necessary); assign two lunch detentions
4th Offense: Correct situation (change into an RHS dress code t-shirt, or call parent to bring appropriate garment or send home if necessary); assign three lunch detention or suspension if appropriate.
5th Offense (+): On Campus suspension and/or 1-3 days home suspension
(NOTE: Any item(s) taken from a student will be sent to their Assistant Principal’s office.)
Other Prohibitions – Gambling, including the playing of cards or rolling of dice, and other actions prohibited by state law and city ordinance are not allowed on campus. Water balloons, water pistols, skateboards, Frisbees, etc., are not permitted. Students found to be in possession of or participating in an activity with any of the aforementioned items will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including suspension from school. In order to minimize classroom disturbance and theft on campus, it is suggested that students do not bring ipods, radios, tape players, CD players, videomans, walkmans, to school as Redlands High School can not be held accountable for damage or theft to those items. Electronic devices will be confiscated if the staff member determines that they are disruptive to the instructional environment.
Consequences for possession of any of the electronic items listed above may include, but are not limited to the following: lunch detention, After School Detention, Campus Service, on-campus suspension, or at home suspension.
Return of “Blue” Dress Code Shirts: Students will be given every opportunity to exchange the blue dress code shirt for their own article of clothing. Students who do not return the blue dress code shirt within a reasonable amount of time, will be assigned a detention for defiance, and will have to pay an $8.00 fee to cover the cost of replacing the shirt. 
Any unclaimed articles of clothing remaining at the end of the school year will be donated to charity.

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